Green Chemical Technology
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Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology
In this project, the system which was used in previous project is relatively completed for production of dimethyl ether (DME) from methanol. So that, the new system is able to produce more than 10 kilogram DME per day from methanol, continuously. In addition, a methanol recovery unit and a DME supplying unit (based on cooling method) are added to the system. Also, we are able to analysis the liquid and gas products of the process by using an online gas chromatograph apparatus. On the other hand, some experiments are performed in order to determine optimum liquid hourly space velocity (LHSV) and the selectivity of gamma alumina as a catalyst of the reaction for DME production. The behavior of H-Beta and H-ZSM-5 are studied for dehydration of methanol to DME. The effect of temperature, amount of the catalyst and residence time of the reactant are determined for granular H-Beta catalyst. Also, the behavior of the H-Beta powder and its granular shape is compared together. Finally, dehydration of methanol for DME production is studied with simultaneous using of gamma alumina as a hydrophilic catalyst and H-Beta as a hydrophobic catalysts and the results are reported.‎
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