Pharmaceutical & Organic Chemical Technology
Project manager(s): 
Dr. Zeinolabedin Bashiri Sadr
Financial supporter: 
Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology

The first main goal of this project was to investigate different aspects of the know-how involved in the preparation process of cryogrinded powder from red grape pomace (RGP). The RGP is a worthy by-product in juice and wine production, widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. 
The second goal of our studies was to prepare a standardized product with a specific certificate of analysis in order to convince the users about the high quality of our product. The developed know-how (feeding capacity of 5 liters/hour) comprised a set of parameters including product yield optimization, process temperature, feeding rate and liquid nitrogen flow rate. In order to be able to compare our product to those prepared using conventional grinding, different analyses including total dietary fibers (TDF), antioxidant activity (AC or RSA), total polyphenols content (TPC), protein and antioxidant dietary fiber (ADF) content were assessed. All our results were in accordance to show the highest quality of RGP cryogrinded powder (TDF 53.5%, AC 200μg AAE/g dm as IC50 RSA, TPC %1.45, ADF 162μg TE/g dm and 15.5% protein) versus conventional processing.

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