Pharmaceutical & Organic Chemical Technology
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Project manager(s): 
Dr. Shohreh Saffarzadeh-Matin
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Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology
This study focuses on the heterogeneous base-catalyzed transesterification of olive pulp oil. Heterogeneous base catalysis is the most viable process for the transesterification of triglyceride into biodiesel. In this investigation supported CaO was used as active site for catalysis the reaction. The first investigation among varied supports for CaO showed that SBA-15 is the best one duo to more stable immobilization of active sites and its appropriate basicity (pH9.8). Immobilization of CaO over the SBA-15 was performed by microwave irradiation. Response surface methodology was used for optimization of some main factors such as methanol to oil mol ratios, catalyst loading percentage and reaction time. The results showed that synthesis of biodiesel from olive pulp oil using CaO/SBA-15 as heterogeneous catalyst at optimized condition including methanol to oil mol ratios of 9:1, catalyst loading percentage of 35.7 and reaction time of 5.8 h yielded biodiesel with 97% conversion. The results of this study showed that the heterogeneous catalysis features lower corrosiveness, environmental friendliness, and easy catalyst recovery and high process integrity, all at levels superior to those of homogeneous basic catalyst. Hnmr and refractometry was used to measure the conversions.‎
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