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In the present study, in order to perform the catalytic reduction process of nitrogen oxide with ammonia (SCR-NH3), a lab-scale system including reactor, inlet gases to the reactor, flow rate controllers, analyzing apparatus, etc, was designed or provided. To carry out the process, three catalyst samples - including iron and aluminum components - have been synthesized through the co-precipitation method using various precipitating agents. After characterization, the first sample contains only iron oxide, the second consisted of separate iron and aluminum oxides and the third sample consisted of a mixture of iron aluminate spinel with iron and aluminum oxides. By employing the synthesized catalysts samples to perform the SCR-NH3 process under different operating conditions including temperatures of 200, 250, 300 and 350 C as well as the space velocities of 10,000, 20000 and 30,000 h-1, it was observed that for all studied samples maximum performance in nitrogen oxide conversion occur at 300oC. Also at all temperatures the rate of nitrogen oxide conversion decreased with increasing space velocity. Among the synthezied catalyst, the one containing iron aluminate spinel showed the best performance in removal of nitrogen oxide compared to the other samples, with a space velocity of 10000 h-1 and temperature of 300oC, represents a conversion rate of 83%.‎
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