Green Chemical Technology
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Project manager(s): 
Dr. Nahid Khandan
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Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology

The lipids in the biomass are often enclosed within a rigid cell wall with high mechanical and chemical resistance, which makes the lipid extraction from these compounds difficult and requires high energy consumption. The Instant Controlled Pressure Drop (DIC) process is one of the newest technologies for breaking down the cell wall by applying sudden pressure drop and creating shock in the cell wall, which can be used to facilitate the lipid extraction from biomass. Therefore, in this research for the first time in Iran, the Instant Controlled Pressure Drop (DIC) process was used as a pre-treatment to lipid extraction from oleaginous materials with the aim of increasing the production of biodiesel, and the effect of different operating conditions on extraction efficiency was investigated. For this purpose, a lab scale DIC device that was designed and constructed in the Chemical Technology Research Institute of IROST, was employed. Castor beans, Safflower and also microalgae: Nannochloropsis Salina, were used as the oleaginous raw material for lipid extraction. For experimental design and optimizing the DIC pre-treatment, the Response Surface Methodology (RSM) was used by the Minitab software. Experimental results indicated that the DIC pre-treatment allow enhancing lipid extraction from Castor beans, Safflower and also micro-algae without significant modification of fatty acids composition in comparison with conventional extraction method (without DIC pre-treatment). Optimized DIC treatment allows increasing of 14 %, 70 % and 75 % in total lipid yield of castor beans, safflower seeds and microalgae: Nannochloropsis Salina, respectively.

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