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In this work catalytic synthesis of dimethoxy methane (DMM), with commercial name of Methylal that widely used in chemical processes and also as an alternative fuel is considered. For this purpose, a literature review was done on different catalysts which were used for DMM production. According to the importance of vanadium oxide as heterogeneous catalyst for methylal production, the synthesis and characterization methods for this catalyst were considered. In order to synthesis of a vanadium oxide nano-catalyst for DMM production, initially a ligand containing 2, 6- pyridine diamine (pyda) and 2, 6- pyridine dicarboxilic acid (pydc), (LH2), was synthesized and by the reaction of this ligand with ammonium vanadate, the VLH2 complex was prepared. The prepared VLH2 was characterized by SEM, TGA/DTA, FT-IR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction (XRD). Then, V2O5/Al2O3 nano-catalyst was prepared by using the prepared complex and impregnation method. Physical characterization of this catalyst was done by FT-IR spectroscopy, XRD, EDX and SEM methods. The BET measurement of the prepared catalyst shown that, its specific surface area is 187.5m2/g. In addition, the average pore diameter of the catalyst was 9.44 nm. A catalyst testing method was used for process evaluation of the catalyst in order to produce DMM. The evaluations were done at 140, 150, 170 and 190oC. When one gram of the catalyst was used, the methylal concentration in the liquid product of the reactor was equal to 10.98%. This result was obtained when the reaction temperature, flow rate of methanol and flow rate of air were 150oC, 10 ml/h and 10 Nml/min, respectively.‎
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