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Project manager(s): 
Project manager(s): 
Dr. Ali Eliassi
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Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology
In this research , design, manufacture, installation and testing of a Fuel cell test station were considered . Due to the international increasing development of PEM fuel cells as well as the rapid growth of research conducted in this area in the interior, there is a special priority for manufacturing a device that to be able to accomplish the researchers need. In this research, the device was designed with ability to simultaneously work on small and medium scales in two capacities 40 and 300 watts . This system uses hydrogen as fuel (in anode side ) and oxygen / air as the oxidizer ( in cathode side ). The required gases are supplied from high pressure cylinders with regulator. For each of the above gases two capacities were considered. At capacity of low and high, flow rate of feed gases was chosen respectively, 0.5 and 5NL / min for the hydrogen , 0.5 and 5NL / min for oxygen and 2 and 20 NL / min for Air. By six mass flow controllers (MFC), the monitoring of flow rates are accomplished. the system equipped with two bubble humidifiers that allow humidify feed gases independent of operating pressure and temperature, and by two humidity sensors installed on transmission lines, relative humidity of feed gases are detected. Gas lines are equipped with solenoid valves . Reading and monitoring of temperature occurs in eight-point contain: inlet gas, heater of humidifier, heater of gas pipelines and single cell end plates respectively for fuel and oxidant line. Pressure across the inlet and outlet gases with analog displays can be seen and Pressure monitoring is performed by two Back pressure regulator(BPR) . All operation of the device can be displayed and monitored with the software that designed and written in Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology and maintaining and publishing the results of each test is possible.‎
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