Green Chemical Technology
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This report is consisted of five chapters. An introduction about different methods for hydrogen production and its storage is given in chapter 1. Fuel cells and their importance and the characteristics of hydrogen for fuel cells are introducted in chapter 2. Specially, the hydrogen fuel for PEM fuel cells and different methods for production of rich hydrogen by steam reforming of methanol and the catalysts for this purpose are reported in this chapter. Chapter 3 and 4 have been allocated for experimental works. The methods which are used in this work for synthesis of catalyst support, namely, alumina, are presented in chapter 3. The synthesized catalyst is CuO/ZnO/Al2O3. This catalyst is prepared by two methods. These methods are co-precipitation and homogeneous precipitation. The obtained results show that the performance of the co-precipitated catalyst is better than the other one. Our target for catalyst synthesis was to obtain a catalyst for production of hydrogen by steam reforming of methanol with minimum amount of carbon monoxide and with the maximum selectivity respect to carbon dioxide. In this relation, analysis of the obtained results is given in chapter 3. The evaluation of the produced catalysts is presented in chapter 4. These evaluations are done in catalyst testing system and the roles of temperature, feed flow rate and the amount of the charged catalyst in the reactor on quality of the product are investigated. The discussion about the results and some recommends for future works are given in the final chapter.‎
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