Ashori, A., Jalaluddin, H., Wan Rosli, W.D., Mohd Nor, M.Y., Wan Md. Zin, W.Y., & Khairul Zaman, M.D.

Tropical Forest Science 16 (4): 463–471.


Non-wood fibers are increasingly being used in the pulp and paper industry to help meet the increasing world demand for pulp and paper. Due to its short growth period, high yield and comparable physical and optical properties, kenaf is a viable and attractive non-wood fiber source alternative for soft and hardwood fibers. Currently very little information is available on its bleaching towards Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) bleaching. The aim of the study was to bleach pulps to high brightness, while retaining sufficient strength properties. Peroxide reinforced oxygen (PO) and hydrogen peroxide (P) were used in the TCF bleaching of different fractions and blends of kenaf kraft pulps. A brightness of 82.4-90.4% ISO was achieved with moderate charge of peroxide. Final brightness and viscosity values demonstrated that using a Q1(PO)Q2P sequence, bast, core and all blend fibers can be bleached to high brightness while retaining sufficient viscosity. It was seen that bast, core and all blend fibers exhibited great strength characteristics that are suitable for papermaking.

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