Rahmani, H., Mahmoudi Najafi, S.H., Saffarzadeh-Matin, S., Ashori, A

Polymer Engineering & Science, 54, 11, 2676-2682, DOI: 10.1002/pen.23820

Multi-axial multi-ply fabric (MMF) composites are becoming increasingly popular as reinforcing materials in high-performance composites due to their high mechanical properties. This work aimed to study the effects of three variable parameters including fiber contents, numbers of plies, and layer orientations on the mechanical properties of MMF composites. Unidirectional carbon fibers and a two-part epoxy resin were employed to produce the composite laminates using the manual lay-up process. It was found that the mechanical properties of composites made with 5-ply were slightly greater than 3-ply composites. However, there was no highly significant difference between them. Generally, the angle-ply of the composites showed the greatest effect on the mechanical properties compared with number of plies and layer orientations. The significant improvements in mechanical properties of the composites were further supported using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Morphologies of the tensile fracture surfaces of composites revealed that the presence of fiber pulled out results in the creation of voids between the fibers and matrix polymer. This causes the mechanical properties of the composites to be reduced. Finally, the enhancement of mechanical properties of composites clearly confirmed that angle-ply layer (0°,−35°,0°,+35°,0°) had the most significant reinforcing effect among other parameters evaluated.
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