Ashori, A., Tabarsa, T., & Valizadeh, I.

Materials Science & Engineering A 528 (25–26): 7801–7804.


In this study, the reinforcing effect of recycled newsprint paper (RNP) in cement boards has been investigated. The experimental design consisted of two variable factors namely RNP and calcium chloride (CaCl2). In the sample preparation, boards with density of 0.7 kg/m3 were manufactured using fiber/cement ratios of 10:90, 15:85 and 20:80 by weight and 3% and 5% CaCl2 as accelerator. At least four boards (replications) were fabricated for each treatment, and the mechanical and physical properties of the boards were evaluated. The statistical analysis showed that the differences between the mean values of the RNP and CaCl2 contents among each of the groups (treatments) compared were significant. Test results showed that addition of CaCl2 tends to enhance both the mechanical and physical properties of the boards. All properties of the boards were improved when the CaCl2 content was increased from 3% to 5%. The rupture and elasticity moduli of the boards decreased with an increase in the RNP content, and the maximum values were obtained at RNP loading of 10%. The results also showed that as the fiber content was increased, significant increased in water absorption and thickness swelling occurred. Increasing RNP fiber content from 10% to 20% reduced both the mechanical and physical properties considerably. The optimum condition was obtained when the RNP and CaCl2 contents were 10% and 5%, respectively.

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