Ashori, A., & Nourbakhsh, A.

Composite Materials 43 (18): 1869–1875.


In this study, the effects of nanoclay (layered silicate) loading (0, 2, 4, 6, 8 wt%) as reinforcement filler and press temperature (165 and 175C) on the properties of laboratory made medium density fiberboard (MDF) boards were investigated. Physical (thickness swelling) and mechanical properties of the boards were determined according to the procedure of European Norm standards. The results showed considerable improvement in mechanical properties, specifically in bending strength and internal bond strength of the boards as nanoclay was loaded from 2 to 6wt% to the boards’ furnishes. The boards with 6wt% nanoclay content showed the optimized mechanical properties. There was a clear trend that both thickness swelling (after 2 and 24 h water soaking) decreased with addition of nanoclay and press temperature. The increasing press temperature had strong positive effect on all physicomechanical properties of the boards. Thus, the data showed that nanoclay can enhance mechanical strength and water stability properties of MDF boards.

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