Ashori, A., Raverty, W.D., & Jalaluddin, H.

Tropical Forest Science 17 (3): 462–473.


Effects of TCF and ECF sequences on whole stem kenaf(Hibiscus cannabinus) pulp characteristics. Totally Chlorine Free (TCF) and Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) single- and multi-stage sequences were used to bleach whole stem kenaf pulp. The results indicated that in contrast to unbleached kraft wood pulps, kraft kenaf pulps could be easily bleached to a brightness of 91.4% using a four-stage TCF [Q1(PO)Q2P] bleaching sequence. The ECF bleached pulps had slightly higher selectivity and yield than those of TCF bleached pulps. The strength properties of the TCF [Q1(PO)Q2P] and ECF (D1ED2EP) bleached pulps were comparable, with the exception that tear index were slightly higher and tensile index slightly lower for TCF pulps.