Founded in 2011, this lab aims to develop applied research in the fields of production, purification and storage of hydrogen, fuel cell technology and catalysts development and access to key technologies.
Some aspects of research activities conducted in this lab are:

  • Design and implementation of hydrogen production reactions

  • New methods of Hydrogen storage and testing of manufacturing composites (fiber) used in hydrogen storage tanks

  • Construction of the various components of PEM and SOFC fuel cells

  • Testing of fuel cell operation

  • Testing of gas adsorption

  • Synthesis and preparation of heterogeneous catalysts

  • Chemical and physical evaluation of heterogeneous catalysis and reaction kinetics

  • Investigation of the effect of various parameters on the efficiency , activity and selectivity of catalysts

  • Regeneration of used catalysts

Some of the existing equipments in the lab are include:

  • Hydrogen production Reformer With the availability of different feed stocks (such as methanol, ethanol, dimethylether, natural gas, etc.) has a capacity of approximately 1 lit / h liquid feed

  • Catatest with two adiabatic reactor (diameter of 1cm and 5cm) with two gas injection lines and gas flow control and a liquid injection line

  • Tubular Calsinator with increasing temperature capability to 1000 oC

  • Tubular reactor with the ability to increase the temperature to 800 oC

  • 1 W PEM single cell

  • PEM fuel cell test station with the capacity of 300W

  • Online GC with TCD and FID detectors

  • Distillation packed column (1.5m height)

  • Hydrogen Generator (Capacity of 360cc/min)

  • Freezer (-28oC) with products collecting tank

  • Syringe and static Perry pumps

  • Mass flow controller

  • Tablet device for the preparation of the catalyst pellets

  • Hot Press Machine

  • vacuum pump

  • oil free compressor

  • Vacuum Bag System (composite plates)

  • Micro reformer and Micro reactor

  • pH meter

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