Mohammad Behbahani, YasaminBide, ManiSalarian, Mahvash Niknezhad, Saman Bagheri, Akbar Bagheri, Mohammad Reza Nabid
Food Chemistry Volume 158, 1 September 2014, Pages 14-19

Due to importance of trace analysis of lead and copper ions because of their toxicity, in this paper, for the first time a unique tetragonal star-like morphology of polyaniline was applied as a efficient solid phase for selective trace separation of copper and lead at optimum experimental conditions in shrimp, fish and water samples. Due to the unique star like nanostructure of synthesized sorbent, the tendency of the sorbent toward selective extraction of lead and copper ion in the optimised pH is very interesting.

The prepared polymeric resin displayed good figures of merits with analytical calibration curve ranging from 1 to 120 μg L−1 for copper and 2 to 100 μg L−1 for lead ions with limits of detection of 0.4 μg L−1 for copper and 0.9 μg L−1 for lead, adsorption capacities of 84 and 110 mg g−1 for copper and lead ions, respectively, extraction efficiency of greater than 96%, and relative standard deviation (RSD) of less than 4% for eight separate column experiments in determination of 5.0 μg of lead and copper. The obtained data for adsorption capacity of the sorbent shows the high tendency of the sorbent toward the mentioned ions in this nanostructure form. Finally, this sorbent can be used as a simple, rapid, reliable, selective and sensitive method for determination of trace levels of Cu(II) and Pb(II).


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